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I accidentally used the wrong PH numbers in my trial list
Last Updated 5 years ago

Before starting an experiment, all PH numbers are defined in the trial list, together with the arena settings and trial settings within EthoVision. If you notice (while the experiment is running) the wrong numbers were entered, you can change these numbers in the trial list when the experiment has finished. If you change these numbers before exporting the raw data, this will also be changed in the raw data files. If you already uploaded the files with the wrong PH numbers, and the data has been analyzed by AHCODA, There are 2 options to correct this.

1) Go to the "Admin & Mouse Database" section, click on "Mice" and change the protocol for these mice. Then click on "AHCODA (Analyzed)" and re-analyse the files by clicking on the clock icon next to the PH numbers.
2) Re-upload your data with the correct PH numbers by opening the original EthoVision experiment and changing the PH numbers in the trial list, export the raw data and use the CloudConnect for these files. You can then remove the incorrect numbers from the "Mice" list.

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